Why Design Thinking?

Despite best teaching practices, many students feel inadequate when it comes to tackling unstructured problem-solving tasks. Work expectations seem unclear. Solutions are not authentically tested. And students feel little, if any, instrinsic reward from achieving a viable solution. Our Design Thinking model creates a framework for student motivation while building resilience that transfers across content area learning.

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Teaching Empathy

Design Thinking is about giving students a clear view of local community and global challenges. In our trained classrooms, you’ll witness students conducting interviews to gain understanding of user needs, dissecting requirements, gathering appropriate tools for the task, building solution models, eagerly testing problem solutions, iteration after iteration, and proudly producing their unique solutions. This is teacher-as-facilitator in its purest form, as student Design Teams work together to develop empathy and solutions for the world around them.

Lasting Student Impact

Design Thinking experiences not only improve student problem-solving and empathy but create a "Can Do" attitude for all learners, regardless of academic ability and primary learning modality. Inherently, Design Thinking promotes successful outcomes for all learners, create a lasting impact on students for years to come.

Ready to Get Started?

Teacher Workshop Model

We bring Design Thinking to teachers in a virtual, on-demand format, right on your school campus. During the workshop, participants are segmented into Design Teams of 2-4 teachers as they navigate from the fundamentals of Design Thinking and its impact on student learning to experiencing a fully-developed project through the lense of students. Teachers will emerge with a solid understanding of how to employ Design Thinking into their classrooms, along with ready-to-go, customized projects that can be used in the classroom Day One.

Flexible Training Options

Workshop modules can be segmented into 60-minute increments to fit the professional development schedule of every school! At the end of the 4-hour workshop, teachers will earn a Certificate of Completion and 4.0 Continuing Education Credits. In addition, all participants will receive lifetime access to our online forum, free monthly Design Thinking projects to use in the classroom and more. Training modules are available for 12 full months after the workshop start date, for full training flexibility throughout the school year.

Bring Our Training to Your Campus in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Purchase a Training License

  2. Look for teacher account setup instructions via email

  3. Create a training space for your teachers-we'll do the rest!

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